AirAsia launching a childcare centre in Sepang, Malaysia

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This morning, while I was casually enjoying a coffee at my neighbourhood Starbucks outlet, I was utterly surprised to read in today’s The Star newspaper that AirAsia Bhd has just launched a childcare centre located at RedQ (AirAsia’s  Head Quarters, located in Sepang Malaysia). The initiative was lauded by the country’s Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah who is also the Minister of Women, Family and Community by saying that AirAsia’s effort was applaudable and that the company was dedicated and passionate about its work. “I hope more private institutions will look into setting up in-house childcare centres”, added the Deputy Prime Minister (The Star 2018).

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Source: The Star (2018)

My surprise at hearing this news has arisen as almost a year ago (on 23rd July 2017), I was proposing the exact same initiative to AirAsia’s board in my Corporate Social Responsibility Report Board Paper. And yet, today I’m reading that my proposal to AirAsia (and one of the 3 CSR initiatives I proposed) has been materialised by the company and is currently being implemented in association with Krista Education, a childcare operator.

Wow! So, I’m just assuming here that AirAsia never got to read or see my actual proposal – which was based on my own study of the company’s past and current CSR strategies and initiatives – as it’s purpose was only for academic purposes. What a mere coincidence!!! OR WAS IT???

In order to bring back some old memories, I’ve decided to share some screenshots of my original CSR Board Paper and presentation slides which were submitted online to Coventry University (in partnership with INTI International College Subang).

Irregardless whether my paper was intentionally or unintentionally leaked to someone linked to AirAsia, I’ve really enjoyed carrying out this research project and I’m truly glad that at least my suggestions were good enough to be approved and brought to life by AirAsia’s management. I do wish them all the best of luck and I hope their initiative will be able to bring sustainable changes that will positively impact on the Malaysia’s Early Childhood Education environment.

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Source: Alexandra Ceambur (2017), “AirAsia Corporate Social Responsibility, Board Paper Presentation Slides”

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The Star (2018) “AirAsia sets up childcare centre at Sepang HQ”, Read more at The Star Online