What are Social Media Calendars

Imagine this scenario: you own a flower delivery store and it’s #InternationalWomensDay. You had no idea until a customer enquired “Hey, do you have any promotion for #InternationalWomensDay?”. Now you feel bad that you overlooked this. But it’s not your fault. You were busy running and growing your business.

At this point you may think: “so, what is a social media publishing calendar and how can it help my business?” Well, be prepared to enter the world of the #SocialMediaCalendar – just like a regular content calendar only it’s the most helpful tool you could ever use in social media marketing. Still confused?

Social media calendars are spreadsheets or apps used to schedule social posts in advance. They’re also used to plan when and which content will be shared, manage campaigns, and track deadlines.

Now, let’s have a look at a few different calendar formats you might come across: 

  • Printed calendars. These can be helpful for mapping out content themes and making note of upcoming content and events needing social media promotion. You might keep something like this on your desk or pinned to your cubicle wall.
  • Spreadsheets. Online spreadsheets are flexible and free. The great thing is that you can monitor and share the calendar together with your team in Google Docs.
  • Social media calendar apps and scheduling tools. These apps add a level of automation that spreadsheets can’t match. The disadvantage, is that they’re not usually free. Some examples: Asana, Sproutsocial.
Social media scheduling app. Asana – https://asana.com/templates/for/marketing/social-media-calendar

What Are The Real Benefits?

Here are some of it’s benefits/uses:

  • Seamless organization. A calendar allows you to spot publishing gaps and the overall flow of your posts over a period of time (week, month). It can also help you spot things that you may have overlooked.
  • Consistency. A calendar helps you ensure that you are publishing consistently and with purpose (as opposed to posting randomly). Posting frequently without a cohesive message will only decrease your chances of building a long term engagement with your audience. 
  • Efficiency. Using a calendar allows you to schedule your messages for optimal times when your audience is most active, increasing the odds they’ll get seen.

Start By Downloading Your Free Social Media Calendar Template

This weekly publishing schedule templates is built to make planning social media posts easy. I’m giving you a few options. Don’t worry, it’s free to download and you can either print it or edit it online. #freetemplate

Hope you find it useful. Have a great day ahead!



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Image source: RawPexel.com