Can you grow a business on TikTok? Q&A with TikTok Expert

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Do you struggle to figure out what TikTok? You’ll be interested to know what a TikTok expert & business coach has to say (below)

I’m sure you’ve heard and seen by now that TikTok is the latest craze among teenagers. Not to mention, that according to research TikTok has outperformed EVERY other Social Media platform in terms of app downloads in 2019. So why do so many people use? What is it mainly used for? and most importantly, should you start using it for your business?

I had all these questions in mind, and luckily I stumbled upon Amanda Lee’s Instagram profile (@amandaxcn). She seemed to have all these super engaging, interesting IG stories posts which seemed unreal! Also, somehow she managed to add popular music tunes to all her videos, yet Instagram music isn’t available in her country (Singapore) or in the location I’m currently living (Malaysia).

So, I knew I had to talk her and get some PRO advice on how to use TikTok. She was very lovely, we clicked immediately and mutually agreed to have a vid. call and share knowledge on social media for business and most importantly, on this new phenomenon called TikTok.

Here’s a short clip from the 1 hour long call that changed my perspective on TikTok – and of course, I edited and posted it on TikTok which is one does nowadays. 🙂

Watch on Youtube: Q&A with Tik Tok Expert from Singapore (Summary)

Note: Before jumping on the call, I have asked my audience to send me questions related to Tik Tok, which I’ve summarised into 4 main topics. Here’s me asking the questions & a summary of her replies.

If you missed my Instagram stories, I wrote this blog article to share some insights into my interview with Amanda:

TikTok Q&A:

Question 1: How long have you been using TikTok app?

Amanda: I installed the TikTok app (the old version) on my phone about 5 years ago, but only in the past 1 year I started using more frequently. I was impressed by how quick you can edit videos and I was having some issued with Facebook removing/banning my videos with songs in them. So, TikTok came in to fill the gap.

Question 2: What features do you love most about TikTok app?

Amanda: TikTok is definitely a new and fresh style of filming and sharing content on social media. I personally like to watch raw and unfiltered footages of people’s lives. And TikTok is great for that, you can be authentic, unedited and be yourself behind the camera. There isn’t so much judgement or pressure to be & look “perfect” or “polished” – compared to Instagram. And secondly, I absolutely love that TikTok comes with a huge music library which is FREE to use for all.

Question 3: Can brands use TikTok for growing their business? If yes, what type of brands should be using it?

Amanda: I think that anyone can use TikTok regardless of their industry. The easiest way to use it (which I recommend to all new business owners) is to film behind the scene videos : film yourself at work, and show your personality. Do you have a funny side? why not show it?

Question 4: How do you think TikTok can help #onlineentrepreneurs (like me) scale our business?

Amanda: Well, you just go and test it out! But I have to warn you: don’t have high expectations! It’s not going to bring you overnight success – yet you should try it an see if it catches on you. I would advise you to use it film your life behind the scenes and just be crazy, funny, emotionally YOU! Because customers love to see the person behind the brand. Secondly, I think you need to have a clear image of who your customers are before diving fully into TikTok marketing.


Wow! I have learned so many things from this discussion. So, here are my final thoughts on TikTok app.

Firstly, now I understand the hype around this app: it sounds so attractive and fun to use. Would I try using it for my business? Of course! I can download the app and start playing with it. If your audience is not there… I am sure you can still get valuable insights into the market trends and what’s “hot”. Secondly, I think you need to have a clear image of who your customers are. Are they teenagers, in their early 20s or up to 30s? Then you may find them on TikTok. And lastly, if none of these factors are what you are looking for, you can still use it as a damn good video editing tool – free music? I’m in.

About Amanda

Amanda is a Singapore-based business coach. You can catch up with her on her Instagram page @amandaxcn.

Thank you all for reading.

Honestly, have you downloaded the TikTok app? If not, what’s holding you back?

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