5 Ways to Overcome Instagram’s Massive drop in Stories and Post Reach

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Have you noticed your Instagram post and Stories reach dropped this October 2019? Well, if it has, don’t panic! You are most likely NOT shadow banned and you’ll emerge just fine.

Here are some stats based on my own observations and based on my audience feedback:

  • some people said their IG stories viewes decreased by 85%, others say they get 0 views
  • most of Instagram users have complained of a 50% – 85% drop in organic post reach
  • Both small and large accounts are affected

Why is everyone on Instagram experiencing this massive drop?

Since August 2019, Instagram made it clear they are taking actions and penalising accounts who are using “unauthorised” 3rd party automation services for growing their accounts. These services include: auto follow services, mass comments, mass likes and mass stories watch.

You may be thinking “But I’ve never used any of these growth services, and my growth has alsways been organic. WHY is my account penalised?”

Well, the good news, you probably aren’t penalised. However … you are still affected by Instagram stopping automated services indirectly. Why? You see, when someone uses mass story viewing services and looks at 100,000 stories per minute, your posts probably got boosted to the explore page. And it made it easier for your posts to get higher reach under certain hashtags that were targetted by these automation services.

Now, remove that and what you get? A massive drop in reach accross the entire platform. As I mentioned before, do not panic. Just give it a few days and I’m sure the Instagram algorithm will reset.

Meanwhile, here are 5 new startegies, that will help you get back your organic reach:

Watch on Youtube: 5 New Startegies for Instagram

1. Post Quality vs Quantity Content

Now more than ever it’s important that you post only high quality content. Why? Because with this massive drop in Instagram posts reach, your posts don’t get seen by as many people. Every post needs to be intentional and calculated. What does your audience usually interract with? Is it educational posts? Motivational quotes or personal stories? Post less frequent and more quality.

2. Go LIVE on IG Stories

Whenever you go LIVE, Instagram will send an allert notification to all your followers prompting them to watch your video. And by people watching and enagging with your posts, you are increasing your chances of your future feed posts being shown to these accounts.

3. Post Shareable Content

Another tactic that I’ve personally tested on Instagram is creating “viral” or “shareable” content. This is crucial because with your organic reach dropping, you need to find new ways of getting your posts discovered by your target audience. A great way is to posts quotes and graphics that your followers can share on their accounts/stories and thus driving back traffic to your page.

4. Enagage with Other People

Don’t just sit around complaining that “Instagram sucks” or that “my engagement dropped so much”. You need to be proactive and manually search your ideal customers/audience on Instagram. Find them, message them, like their photos and leave meaningful comments onto their posts. And guess what? Because everyone’s reach has dropped you have a better chance of them noticing you and visiting your profile back.

5. Check your Insights

Did you know that you can now get even better insights into your Instagram strategy? There are plenty of tools that allow you to check individual posts insights and see which posts have brought the best reach, engagement, likes, comments, and even which posts have caused you to lose followers! Go study your insights and strategise your upcoming content based on that.


Comment below: are going to try out any of these tactics?

In the end, I believe that this drop in reach is temporary and it will take a few days for the algorithm to reset and start pushing your content to more people. I hope you don’t feel discouraged, as I mentioned above, everyone on Instagram is affected.

Thank you for your support and I truly appreciate everyone who has been messaging me and shared their IG stats.

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