Instagram Content Creation Trends: 4 Timeless Ideas To Try

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Instagram content creation trends change rapidly. The BIG question is not “What’s trending this year?“, but “What’s a timeless trend that will stay relevant in time”.

With that question in mind, I went on a journey of studying what the big and small brands are doing on Instagram. In this post, I summarized 4 of my favourite content creation trends that have the potential to stand the test of time.

Get your notebook (or notes app ready) because #timeless content trends are coming your way!

4 Instagram Content Creation Trends to Try: ⁣

Instagram aesthetic trends are ever-changing – so what will the future bring for us? Scroll through the carousel images below to find out:

Trend #1 Graphics Overlays

I’m sure you’ve already seen this trend around. This is probably my favourite trend and it’s also easy to identify. This trend was made popular by PicsArt and TikTok which both allow users to draw, add stickers and words over images and create an immersive and 3D look to social media posts. Use this trend if you’re trying to attract teens and young adults (like Digi Telecom) by adding brush strokes or emojis to your product photos to make them “pop” even more.

This year, we’ll definitely see more marketers taking advantage of dynamic imagery for their content. Not just for images, but we can also this trend now applied to videos and Reels.

Graphics over Image by Digitelecom

Trend #2 A Feed of User-Generated-Content

This is not a new trend as we’ve seen UGC all over the internet for the last couple of years. Is this trend going to be still popular in the years to come? Definitely.

Reposting UGC is such a powerful content strategy as it’s a great way to get your community involved. The benefits are too many to count:

Brands that share content from the community grow their brand awareness and position themselves as a consumer-centric brand. More customer voices being heard, also means more relevancy and trust.

When you plan your content calendar, curate UGC with a theme in mind, like Girlily does on her Instagram page.

UGC content curated by Girlily

Trend #3 The Monochrome Feed⁣ That Is Always In Style

A single colour feed or black & white theme is such a simple way to give a polished and branded look to any feed. We’ve seen this grow in popularity mainly among photographers and designers who are the trend-setters on this app. Apart from the minimal B&W look, we’ll definitely see more brands curating their Instagram feeds to whichever Pantone colour of the year is trending.

instagram content creation trends
instagram feed
Pink monochrome feed by SaintAimesLondon

Trend #4 The Simplistic No-Edit, Unfiltered Look ⁣

In the last few years, we’ve seen a 360 shift from perfectly posed and impeccable photo edits to more natural, unedited and raw pictures (hello cellulite!). As Taylor from Later puts it: “the days of perfectly poised Instagram posts are over, making room for more genuine and authentic relationships“.

We’re definitely going to see more Instagram influencers and brands jump onto this trend in the future. If you want to hop on to this “no-edit” look trend, but you still want to maintain a polished & consistent brand image, you can play with Lightroom or VSCO filters, but remember to keep it minimal. The goal is to maintain the appearance of an “unedited” look.

Minimal Edit Look by WeAreFreedomCollective

Ready to hop on these timeless Instagram content creation trends?

Have I inspired you to try any of these trends? Share a picture on Insta & let me see it by tagging me @alleceambur. If you’re struggling to come up with a perfectly cohesive Instagram feed, check out Pallyy’s Instagram grid planner to get it started FREE.

Happy content creation!⁣


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