FEATURE: Why finding your WHY is important to grow a successful and sustainable business in 2020

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  • A few months ago I invited Alexandra Noon to an email interview when I was researching inspiring women entrepreneurs to feature on my blog. When she replied so quickly, had the right energy plus an amazing startup story I knew immediately she was a great for for this series.
  • So without further ado, I’ll let her tell the story behind what inspired her to ditch the corporate life and venture into the land of entrepreneurship. She also has a gift for you! So make sure you read till the end.

1. What inspired you to start your business?

Alexandra Noon: ”I was working in corporate and going from one corporate office to another getting promotions and moving up, though the stress and anxiety were getting worse as the years went on. I was bringing the negativity home and it was ruining the relationship that I had with my boyfriend (now fiance) to the point where we almost broke up. I knew that I find to find something else because I couldn’t keep living these same days over and over again on repeat becoming more and more miserable.

My fiance actually found a Facebook ad describing an educational platform that teaches people the principles and skills of sales and marketing. I signed up for this education and started my affiliate marketing business. The commissions that I earned through pairing with well-established companies with high ticket items allowed me to retire from corporate at 29 years old.

Now I still have my Affiliate Marketing business and a team that I mentor in that space as a Freelance Digital Marketing business and I am a Business Confidence Coach focused on helping female entrepreneurs leave their comfort zones so they can show up and become visible online and increase profits in their business. ”

2. What was the main challenge you faced in your business?

Alexandra Noon: ”In the beginning I struggled heavily with confidence and self worth, I didn’t have any belief in myself so of course building a business and actually seeing success was difficult when I was constantly second guessing myself and tearing myself down. I had to take my business seriously and really commit to my success, for me that meant learning how to take care of myself. I started introducing more education and self care into my life.

Learning more about personal development allowed me to step into a new space that I hadn’t yet explored of myself and the success followed. I went from just being interested in my “side gig” to really becoming committed to my business and working for it because I had gained the confidence in myself to know that I was capable and worthy of success.”

3. Favourite tools to run your business?

Asana – I use for to-do lists, mapping out projects, quick access to all of my links, specific workflows, jotting down my ideas so I can come back to later, saving great articles or youtube clips that are applicable to certain aspects of my business. Everything is organized in specific files and I have SOP’s all ready to go for when I hire a full time VA. It feels so good to have everything organized and I know where to find everything. This was a huge game changer for productivity as well as staying on track with projects because I break things down into daily/weekly tasks – that way it isn’t so daunting, it’s just bite size pieces that make up the completion of a big project.

Google Drive – I LOVE all things google! I have my entire life in google docs, sheets, etc haha I love that it updates immediately and everything is transferable to all of my devices so going from laptop to desktop to phone it makes life easier. I also use this for clients and the team I mentor, giving everyone a folder and keeping everything organized and easier to find. I love the customization and that you can add comments within docs for easy editing communication on projects.

Canva – Such an awesome tool for basically anything! I make all of my branded content, workbooks, PDF’s, freebies, etc in there. As well as client work. You can do a lot in there with the free version as well.

Calendly – Super user friendly scheduler. Its a scheduling life saver for booking coaching calls, meetings, sales calls, etc quick and efficiently for both parties. I love that you can add questions in there so for something like sales calls or new client calls you can have a built in pre-qualifying form all in one link for them. There is a lot of customization in there as well which is nice. In future I will most likely upgrade to something like Acuity but for now Calendly is serving me well.

FB Group – One of my favorite places to build community and connect with like-minded individuals. I love providing a ton of value to my community members with free downloads, free trainings, guest speakers, contests, etc. *Getting in other like-minded fb groups has also served me well for networking and building new connections with possible clients or future collabs.

Instagram – My favourite place to show the behind the scenes of what I am up to, I show up daily in my instagram stories. I love building connections with my ideal client and creating those conversations in the DM’s. Instagram is such an intimate platform, I find it more natural for me to build connections over there and really form genuine relationships. I love to keep my feed and my stories fun and colorful as a reflection of my personality.

Your advice for other women who want to start their own business?

Alexandra Noon:”I would highly recommend you figure out what your WHY is. Why is starting a business so important to you? Are you looking for more money? Great, but money isn’t a deep enough reason! What exactly is that financial freedom going to give you, what type of life will you be living, how do you feel when you wake up in the morning with that financial freedom, how will you show up for your family, etc.

This will take some work to really dig deep into it. It’s so important though, you want to have an emotional connection to your WHY. It has to be so strong that when the excuses are screaming at you, your WHY is screaming back louder and stronger. If your WHY isn’t strong enough, the excuses will be.

Seek out advice from someone who has the success you’re looking to create. Ask for help, more often than not they say yes to a quick chat and could give you some really helpful tips to get started. Leverage the resources that you have around you, there is help out there – you just have to ask for it!

About Alexandra Noon

Alexandra, founder and creator of Rise Of The Voice Inspired movement, lives in the beautiful British Columbia, Canada with her fiancé and 1.5 year old Italian mastiff (aka.. her dog child!)

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