The Complete Guide To Writing Instagram Captions (+ FREE Templates)

Want to know how to write super engaging captions for your Instagram posts?

In this post, we’re going to show you a complete guide to writing Instagram captions (+ FREE Templates). So, are you ready to learn how to write engaging Instagram captions? 

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How to Write Great Instagram Captions


Instagram Captions Tutorial

Caption Writing Tips:

  1. The first 3 lines (25 characters) are the most important. Make them count!
  2. Keep your captions brief as shorter captions get more engagement (60-70 characters)
  3. If you want to tell a story or host a contest, add line breaks so it’s easy to read
  4. Don’t be too formal and let your personality shine through
  5. Stick with a voice & tone that’s in line with your brand
  6. Add hashtags, mentions & location tags to make your post searchable
  7. Always end with a call-to-action
  8. Check your spelling to remove any mistakes before posting

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See ya!

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