How to do an Instagram audit in just 30 minutes (+Free Audit Checklist)

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How to do an Instagram Audit

Do you find that you are following all the “rules” when it comes to Instagram, and yet they don’t seem to work for you?

It’s time to do an Instagram audit.

While there are plenty of marketing consultants that offer this service (including me) it will cost you between $50 – $500 depending on the level of analytics depth.

But even if you pay an “expert”, it doesn’t mean they can fix your Instagram.  

So, if you want to save some $$ instead – do the Audit yourself!

It only takes 30 minutes.

Here’s how to do an Instagram audit in just 30 minutes

The tools you need to do an audit:

✅ An Instagram business account (personal profiles don’t have access to analytics)

✅ An analytics software. My recommendations are: 

Pallyy Analytics – a social media management toolkit for agencies that comes with a complete Instagram analytics and reports feature. You can even build custom analytics reports and personalize them for each client.

FREE Instagram audit checklist
Download Instagram checklist

Iconosquare – is an Instagram analytics tool that features detailed insights, charts and allows you to create custom reports. What I love the most about this app is its clean dashboard and how pretty the charts look.

BONUS: Get 5% off Iconosquare plans with code: icopromo5

Note: both come with a free trial, and I encourage you to try them before making a purchase.

✅ (Optional, but highly recommended) A competitor analysis tool Ninjalytics (also free) 

✅ An Instagram Audit checklist/blueprint (download a copy below!)

Step 1: Forget that it’s your account

Take a step back and look at your account as if you were seeing it for the first time.

Is your offer clear enough?

Do first-time visitors know where to buy and how to contact you?

Can they tell what business you’re in within 5 seconds?

If your bio is not clear enough and able to answer these questions you should consider revamping your bio.

Learn how to optimize your Bio!

Step 2: Define your purpose on Instagram

More about thinking of the future.

What is your main marketing goal?

Where do you want to be in 6 months’ time?

Is it to hit a sales quota you want to hit or to grow your audience to a certain number? 

Next, do a list of your last 30 posts.

And think: Does each post help you achieve those goals?

If not, strike them off. 

Step 3: Check your Instagram analytics (last 30 days – 6 months) 

Use an analytics tool like Pallyy to check your Instagram performance over the past 6 months. 

  • Audience growth/decline (vs competitors)
  • Engagement rate change (vs competitors) 
  • Top posts by engagement/saves/comments
  • Top posts format (image, video, carousel)
  • Download your top hashtags list 
  • Take a screenshot of your statistics charts so you can compare it in the future

Do you see your competitors growing faster than you?

Use an analytics tool to find the hashtags your competitors are using and see what’s fuelling their growth.

And perhaps you can answer the question: Did they buy fake followers?

Step 4: Optimise your account with using an audit checklist

Download my Instagram Audit checklist and use it to optimise your account.

Follow these best practices for bio, content, hashtags, captions and engagement and watch your account grow!

How to do an Instagram audit: Step-by-step video tutorial on YouTube

Have you done an Instagram audit before?

Let me know if this post helped you.

PS: If you need an expert opinion or a fresh set of eyes to look at your IG account, hire me! Check out my social media services or email me to request an audit.

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