Review 2022: The Best Instagram scheduling tool? (Or Not?)

This post is a 2022 review of – one of the most popular Instagram scheduling tools.

But is it good?

Is the best Instagram scheduling tool?

We’re going to find out!

If you’re a social media manager, I’m sure you’ve probably heard about by now.

It’s not a surprise!

I’ve seen a lot of social media gurus recommending it and I receive a lot of questions about their analytics on a weekly basis.

Hey, influencer marketing done right! – I’ve got to give them points for that.

But does the scheduling tool measure up to my expectation as a full-time social media manager? How does it compare to other social media scheduling tools, and would I recommend it?

Let’s dive into the review to find out!


  • How much does the subscription plan costs
  • The main features on
  • Who is it for
  • Who it’s NOT for
  • Do I recommend it
  • My overall rating

Is the best Instagram scheduling tool for marketers? (14-day free trial)

Price: $25/month

Included: 1 set of socials, 3 users

Additional account: $20+/ month per account

Later Features:

  • Scheduling content on Instagram, TikTok (doesn’t really schedule, just sends reminders), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Digital content calendar
  • Instagram grid preview
  • Media library
  • Conversations management
  • Collect media (hashtags, mentions, images)
  • Instagram Analytics 
  • Link in Bio tool for Instagram

Below are some screenshots to give you an idea how the Instagram scheduling dashboard looks like:

  • Instagram grid preview – shows you how your content will appear on Instagram
  • Media Library – allows you to upload images from Google Drive and categorize them
  • Analytics – shows you an overview of the post-performance, helps you track your profile growth, and stats
  • feature – allows you to create a custom URL and paste it in your Instagram bio

Below are some of the pros and cons of scheduling content with

Pros of using

  • Supports cross posting on different social media channels
  • Comes with a feed preview feature for Instagram
  • Schedule FREE up to 30 posts each months
  • Schedule videos & crop them into different sizes 
  • Choose a cover photo for your Instagram videos so your feed looks neat 
  • Easy to use for beginners

Cons of using

Beware not to make this mistake!
Later doesn’t schedule Stories.
  • Comes with limited analytics: on the free plan you can only see analytics of the last 30 posts
  • You can only see analytics for posts that are scheduled using Later

Looking for a complete tool for social media management? Read this post to find out the 7 Best Social Media Analytics tools that I highly recommend!

My thoughts after using for Instagram scheduling (on and off for 6 mo.)

Overall, the tool does what it claims: it helps you schedule Instagram posts and allows you to preview your feed. They have a free plan and offer free trials for their paid plans where you can test their analytics features.

That’s where the good things stop.

I am honestly not impressed by the features this tool offers, especially having tried almost every other social media tool out there (including Pallyy, Planoly, Hootsuite, Creator Studio, Buffer)

Sorry, I don’t get the hype.

I also feel that at $25/mo. per single Instagram profile, it’s quite highly-priced. 

My honest opinion is that they charge higher than average fees because they pay marketing gurus and influencers commissions for recommending the app.

Later Review 2022: Is the best Instagram scheduling tool?

Sorry guys, my overall rating for Later is 3/5. 

My thoughts on An average Instagram scheduling tool, that does the job, it’s fairly afforable but – it’s way overhyped! 

You can quote me on that! review conclusion:

Who is Instagram scheduling tool for?

  • New business owners who want a tool that schedules content across multiple channels
  • Someone who’s not really particular about tracking analytics
  • Photographers who want to categorize their images with tags before posting
  • Bloggers who run their own social media channel and want a simple to use tool

Who is not for?

  • Social media agencies and freelancers who manage more than 3 accounts
  • Anyone who expects to schedule Instagram stories with Later will end up disappointed

(Note: No social media platform is able to schedule Instagram Stories currently. Anyone who claims they do – well, isn’t telling you the truth)

So now that you’ve read my review, I want to know:

Have you tried Do you think is the best Instagram scheduling tool?

Which social media scheduling tools do you use?

Watch my live overview of features on YouTube

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