This post is a review of – one of the most popular Instagram scheduling tools.

But is it good?

Is the best Instagram scheduling tool?

We’re going to find out!

If you’re a social media manager, I’m sure you’ve probably heard about by now.

It’s not a surprise!

I’ve seen a lot of social media gurus recommending it and I receive a lot of questions about their analytics on a weekly basis.

Hey, influencer marketing done right! – I’ve got to give them points for that.

But does the scheduling tool measure up to my expectation as a full-time social media manager? How does it compare to other social media scheduling tools, and would I recommend it?

Let’s dive into the review to find out!


  • how much it costs
  • the main features
  • who is it for
  • who is it NOT for
  • do I recommend it
  • my rating

Is the best Instagram scheduling tool for marketers? (14-day free trial)

Price: $25/month

Included: 1 set of socials, 3 users

Additional account: $20+/ month per account

Later Features:

  • Scheduling content on Instagram, TikTok (doesn’t really schedule, just sends reminders), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Digital content calendar
  • Instagram grid preview
  • Media library
  • Conversations management
  • Collect media (hashtags, mentions, images)
  • Instagram Analytics 
  • Link in Bio tool for Instagram

Below are some screenshots to give you an idea how the Instagram scheduling dashboard looks like:

  • Instagram grid preview – shows you how your content will appear on Instagram

Media Library – allows you to upload images from Google Drive and categorize them

Analytics – shows you an overview of the post-performance, helps you track your profile growth, and stats feature – allows you to create a custom URL and paste it in your Instagram bio

Below are some of the pros and cons of scheduling content with


  • Supports cross posting on different social media channels
  • Comes with a feed preview feature for Instagram
  • Schedule FREE up to 30 posts each months
  • Schedule videos & crop them into different sizes 
  • Choose a cover photo for your Instagram videos so your feed looks neat 
  • Easy to use for beginners


Beware not to make this mistake!
Later doesn’t schedule Stories.
  • Comes with limited analytics: on the free plan you can only see analytics of the last 30 posts
  • You can only see analytics for posts that are scheduled using Later

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My thoughts after using for Instagram scheduling

Overall, the tool does what it claims: it helps you schedule Instagram posts and allows you to preview your feed. They have a free plan and offer free trials for their paid plans where you can test their analytics features.

That’s where the good things stop.

I am honestly not impressed by the features this tool offers, especially having tried almost every other social media tool out there.

Sorry, I don’t get the hype.

I also feel that at $25/mo. per single Instagram profile, it’s quite highly-priced. 

My honest opinion is that they charge higher than average fees because they pay marketing gurus and influencers commissions for recommending the app.

So is the best Instagram scheduling tool?

Sorry guys, my overall rating for Later is 3/5. 

An average Instagram scheduling tool, that does the job but – it’s overhyped! 

In conclusion, …

Who is Instagram scheduling tool for?

  • New business owners who want a tool that schedules content across multiple channels
  • Someone who’s not really particular about tracking analytics
  • Photographers who want to categorize their images with tags before posting
  • Bloggers who run their own social media channel and want a simple to use tool

Who is not for?

  • Social media agencies and freelancers who manage more than 3 accounts
  • Anyone who expects to schedule Instagram stories with Later will end up disappointed

(Note: No social media platform is able to schedule Instagram Stories currently. Anyone who claims they do – well, isn’t telling you the truth)

So now that you’ve read my review, I want to know:

Have you tried Later? Is the best Instagram scheduling tool?

Which social media scheduling tools do you use?

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