How to start an online marketing career

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Are you thinking of starting an online marketing career?

Starting an online marketing career is easy, but being successful at it and scaling your profits is hard.

When you’re a freelancer you’re competing against thousands of digital marekters globally.

So how do you stand out?

The good news?

I’ve started my online marketing career 3 years ago and learned some valuable lessons along the way.

In this post, I’m sharing a few tips to help you start your online marketing career.

How to start an online marketing career

Here are 3 tips you need to know:

Tip #1: Build an online marketing portfolio that stands out

Create a LinkedIn profile and update it with all the relevant skills for your industry.

As a new freelancer, you may not have many projects to list, so you can list:

  • volunteer work
  • pro bono projects
  • internships
  • online courses that you took to learn new skills

Pro tip: You can get good testimonials by doing a few projects for free.

I would also advise you to reach out to your friends and ask for recommendations or endorsements you can display on your social profile.

Tip #2: Start an online marketing blog (or personal website)

Apart from your online resume, blogging is what’s going to set you apart and showcase your writing skills and expertise.

A great way to start is writing about things you love.


  • What is something I am passionate about?
  • What is a skill I mastered well enough to teach other people?
  • Is there an audience for this topic? (do a google search)

A blog doesn’t have to be a collection of articles.

You can share educational content on your blog in a variety of formats:

  • Tutorials
  • Articles
  • Tips
  • Videos
  • Guides
  • Webinars

Remember: If you want to be successful in your online career, remember that good, educational content is key!

82% of online buyers have a more positive outlook on a business after reading custom content on their blog.

If you want to be successful as an online marketer, good content is key!

Tip #3: Be reliable, professional in your work and do a good job!

Building a reputation online is really hard.

You cannot imagine how many people will reject working with you until you have a solid track record and reputable projects.

And if a stranger trusts you enough to work with you, don’t disappoint them.

Do a good job, and submit it on time.

I have worked with many freelancers who were sloppy, repeatedly asked for time extensions or just went disappearing.

You have to hold yourself accountable and make sure you deliver on your promises to your clients.

A good client is EVEN better than your best sales-person.

Happy clients will give you positive ratings and influence others to trust you and your business.

A good client is even better than your best sales-person. A bad client can ruin your business with a Tweet.

That’s why, building a good work ethic and reputation will help your marketing career succeed in the long term.

Now you know my top tips for starting an online marketing career, let me know what other questions do you have?

Do you have any tips to share?

Leave them in the comments.