What is the best Social Media Calendar app?

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person drawing a circle on a calendar

I’m guessing you’re looking for the best social media calendar?

With so many apps, tools and options out there … I understand if you’re confused.

In this post, I’ll break it down for you.

By the end, you’ll learn how to choose the best social media calendar app for your needs.

The platforms I suggested below are either free or come with free trials so don’t be afraid to take them for spin.

The best social media calendar apps:

In this section I am going to answer these 3 questions:

  1. What features do social media calendar apps have?
  2. How much do social media calendar apps cost?
  3. How to choose the best social media calendar app for yourself?

What features do social media calendar apps have?

Each calendar app is different depending on who is their target audience. While it’s hard to compare their features, I have found that the majority of social media planners can be ranked based on these 3 features:

  1. Visual Calendar Feature
  2. Single vs Multiple Platform Scheduling
  3. Analytics & Reporting

Based on the above ranking factors, I have created the following categories:

Category 1: Apps with Visual Calendar and Single Platform Scheduling But No Analytics

Instagram feed planner from Later
Instagram Feed Planner from Later

These apps are most suited for those looking for a visual calendar that offers single platform management (such as Instagram) but they’re not really particular about tracking performance metrics or generating reports.

Apps in this category:

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Who will love these apps: Bloggers, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs

Category 2: Apps with Visual Calendar and Multiple Platform Scheduling With Restricted Analytics

Visual Calendar for Instagram
Pallyy Social Media Calendar

These apps are suited for new or freelance social media managers who are looking for apps that offer multiple platform scheduling and managing 3-10 clients at affordable costs. They come with more insights, but they don’t have the option to generate detailed analytics reports. Some of these apps have the option for reports (eg. Buffer) but it comes at an additional cost.

Apps in this category:

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Who will love these apps: Marketers, Freelance Social Media Managers

Category 3: Apps with (or Without Visual Calendar) and Multiple Platform Scheduling with Detailed Analytics and Reports

Visual Calendar from Sprout Social
Source: Visual Calendar from SproutSocial

These social media apps are some of the most advanced and complex tools for marketing. They focus on generating reports and provide a multitude of data for analysts. But if you’re a new marketer you’ll find it too complicated and there are many features you may not need (like chatbots, 250+ apps integrations or social listening).

Apps in this category:

Who will love these apps: Social media agencies and teams that focus on analytics and reporting.

Conclusion – Finding the best calendar app for you

Content calendar apps are constantly improving and adding more features. However, sometimes more features make the navigation more complex and unless you’re working in a large team you may not need all these extra features.

In the end, the best way to find the right scheduling app for yourself is to try them for a few days and play around with the dashboard. The best calendar app is the one that helps you work faster and save time.

Don’t forget that every social media manager’s work is different.

So the best calendar for me may not be the best for you.

Try before you buy!

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