Pallyy Review 2022: The Most Affordable Social Media Scheduler?

Pallyy Review 2022: The Most Affordable Social Media Scheduler?

Hey, social media friends! Tired of paying high monthly subscriptions for social media tools like Hootsuite, Buffer or Later? Check out my Pallyy Review!

Or are you just curious about Pallyy?

  • Is this affordable social media scheduler really worth it?
  • And how does Pallyy compare with other scheduling tools?

If you’re still reading, I guess you want to know more about Pallyy.

In this post, I’ll share my experience with using Pallyy for over 2+ years, along with the pros, cons and how to’s so you can decide if this app is worth your time!

Pallyy Review 2022: The Most Affordable Social Media Scheduler?

Let’s start by explaining what Pallyy is.

What is Pallyy and how to use it?

What is pally? Pallyy social 
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What is Pallyy?

Pallyy is a complete social media planning, scheduling and analytics tool that allows marketers (like me) or agencies to manage content in a single dashboard.

It’s a tool built for marketers, and the main goal is to help users save time (and money) while managing multiple social media client profiles.

Pallyy claims to be “the most affordable social media scheduler” for brands, and agencies.

2. What are the best features on Pallyy?

Social Networks

Pallyy offers multiple social network integrations including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business and TikTok. With so many social platforms, any marketer would be happy to use Pallyy just for the range of content offered.

Another great thing? Pallyy doesn’t charge you more for more platforms!

Pallyy’s subscription plan is affordable because they charge you a flat fee ($15) for 1 social set which includes all these social networks. So it’s up to you if you want to publish on Instagram only or post on all networks for the same price!

Scheduling Calendar

The most popular feature on Pallyy is their scheduling calendar.

And this calendar has really been upgraded so much from the first time I started using Pallyy in 2020!

The calendar is easy to use.

You can select any image or video from the media library (on the left), drag it and drop it into one calendar day.

That’s it! From there, you can customise the post, schedule it or save it as a draft.

Pallyy Scheduling Calendar

Here are some of my favorite scheduling features right now:

  • Create a new post by pressing the “+” button
  • Move posts around calendar with the drag & drop feature
  • Copy caption from one post and apply to all social media channels
  • Create image, video, text-only post or add noted to calendar
  • Import country specific Holidays into your publishing calendar
  • Send calendar link to clients for their feedback

Overall, the Pallyy Calendar looks and feels like a complete digital dashboard that really makes content scheduling so easy and fun! 🤩 It’s very unique and you really need to try it to get a complete experience of what this scheduler can really do.

Saved Post Templates

Another cool feature on Pallyy is their Post Templates.

If you’re someone who likes to post at the same time throughout the week, tag the same location, and has a set of hashtags you like to use in all posts this feature is for you.

Pallyy allows you to create a post template and save it for the next time you post.

Here are some things you can customise with Templates:

  • Caption templates: Do you have a caption format you’d like to reuse (eg. Shout-out for a new blog posts, Recurring Sale promo, etc.) then you can save caption templates for easy scheduling
  • Hashtags templates: Save your hashtags into lists so you can add them to each post with a single click (eg. Hashtags for Motivational Post, Top Hashtags by Likes)
  • Locations, Timezone, Time of Posting

Instagram Analytics

For anyone who uses social media as a marketing channel, Insights are important.

You don’t want to spend time on content that doesn’t work.

And the faster you get access to data, the quicker you can adjust your strategy.

For that reason, I love Pallyy’s analytics tool.

Their Instagram analytics go back to 2 years, offer a lot of detailed statistics regarding posts, competitor charts and even personalised (custom) reports.

So, if you’re someone who likes data – I think you’ll enjoy Pallyy analytics.

Pallyy – Instagram Analytics

Instagram Feed Planner

Another feature for Instagram managers is the Visual Feed Planner – called “Grids”.

If you’re someone who liked to design their Instagram feed based on a pattern or a color theme you’ll find the “Grids” feature very useful.

I use this to do a visual mock-up of my client’s feed and sent it for their approval. This comes very handily during the first month of managing a new Instagram page when you can show your clients different grid styles and get them to chose their favourite pattern.

Below is a sample of a Grid I created to show you this feature.

Pallyy – Instagram Feed Planner

There are a lot of great Instagram bio link builders out there in the market. The one from Pallyy is not much different. But it’s good to have this tool if you’re someone who wants to direct their Instagram (or TikTok) users to different parts of your website.

You can create a Bio Link by clicking the chain icon from the left menu bar.

Then, you can add individual links (or clickable images), apply one of the existing colour themes, or personalize it with your brand colours (like me).

Once you’re done, click to copy the link and add it to your social profiles. I’ve used mine on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. But I also paste it into my monthly newsletter.

I use my bio link to direct my Instagram visitors to:

  • My website – to book my marketing services
  • YouTube – to watch a relevant video tutorial
  • Blog post – to learn something useful
  • Favorite apps – with affiliate links
  • Other social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn)

Check out my custom bio link page created with Pallyy.

3. Is Pallyy affordable for marketers?

Pallyy is one of the most affordable social media scheduling tools. Even though it’s not FREE like Facebook’s Creator Studio, the $15 for 1 social set is a very good deal. And for the same features, you’d definitely have to pay $$$ on other sites.

4. Pallyy Review vs Other Social Media Scheduling Tools

But how do their features and plans compare to other scheduling tools?

Pallyy vs Buffer Review

This is really hard to compare, simply because I enjoy using both Pallyy and Buffer equally.

In terms of scheduling, they both have a monthly calendar, offer scheduling to multiple networks and they’re so easy to use.

The only reason I’d say Pallyy is slightly better is that they’re listening to feedback and constantly improving their features.

In terms of pricing, they charge differently.

Pallyy charges $15 per 1 social set (1 Facebook, 1 Instagram, 1 LinkedIn, 1 Twitter, 1 Pinterest, 1 Google My Business)

Buffer Charges $20 per month for 3 social channels (eg. 3 Facebook pages), and $10 per additional channel.

So for 6 channels, you’re saving more with Pallyy.

Pallyy Review: Final Thoughts

So should you get Pallyy?

I think when it comes to tools you’re going to use in your business as a staple, you should give it a try for at least 1 week before you decide. Just because I enjoy one tool, doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically love it too. So, my advice is to sign up for the FREE plan and test it for yourself before fully committing.

To summarize this post, here’s a breakdown:

Pros of using Pallyy:

  1. Affordable plans ($15 for 1 social set / 7 social channels)
  2. Scheduling to all major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Google My Business)
  3. Supports multiple team members
  4. Extra tools for Instagram growth (analytics, reports, feed preview, bio link, UGC content discovery)
  5. Work faster with pre-designed Post templates
  6. Analyze posts & track competitors
  7. Schedule Carousels, TikTok videos, Reels and Stories
  8. Simple to use interface
  9. Works on both desktop and mobile

Cons on using Pallyy:

  1. It’s not completely free
  2. Analytics only apply to Instagram
  3. You need to download the Pallyy app for setting TikToks & Reels post reminders

Watch a Complete Review of Pallyy on YouTube + Free Alternatives

Hope this review gives you enough info on whether you should try Pallyy or not.

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried it!

Curious about Check out my complete review.

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