These Marketing Websites Are Looking for Guest Writers Right Now

These Marketing Websites Are Looking for Guest Writers Right Now

Calling all Marketing Writers: Check out these websites and send your guest posts!

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Getting your posts published (under your own name!) can be quite hard for most new writers. I’ve spoken with a lot of ghostwriters who struggle to find writing gigs they can add to their portfolio.

I was lucky (or call it strategic) not to jump into ghostwriting, but instead insisted to have my own name published as the author of my articles.

But that’s not a choice every writer can make.

We all need money and a lot of writers cannot afford to say no to high paying ghostwriting jobs.

The problem with ghostwriting?

In the long-term, you’ve given away all the rights to your articles (including stats, ROI and exposure) to the author of the website you’re writing for.

Most websites owners will publish your articles under their own name and reap all the benefits and credits.

Eventually, when the articles you write reach 200k views, you’ll start to regret charging $200 for a blog post that is published in someone else’s name.

Luckily for you, I have a solution!

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced writer you can write for these marketing websites and get your articles published under your own name!

Tips for Writing Guest Posts on Websites

Over the years, I’ve done some guest posting myself, and these are the websites I highly recommend. They are reputable websites, have a lot of organic traffic (200k visits above) and usually are very selective with the quality of articles they publish.

You’ll typically have to send in a pitch (available at links below) and some information about yourself. Then you’ll have to wait for their review and hopefully a positive response.

Next, you’ll have to do keyword research and find gaps that you can fill with a well written, SEO article. I suggest you do a site audit using SEMrush or Ubersuggest to understand the type of keywords that get traffic for each of these marketing sites.

Also, try to choose titles and topics that you’re genuinely interested in.

For example, when I sent my pitch to Neal Schaffer, I proposed articles related to my expertise: Instagram marketing, strategy building, finding a profitable niche. And in my featured post for Jeff Bullas, I shared a guide on how to write Instagram captions.

These Marketing Websites Accepting Guest Posts in 2022:

As of Feb 2022, all these websites are accepting applications for writers.

  1. Neal Schaffer – write for Neal Schaffer
  2. Jeff Bullas – write for Jeff Bullas
  3. The Social Media Examiner – write for SME
  4. Social Pilot – write for Social Pilot
  5. Social Champ – write for Social Champ

Hope you will get any luck and apply writing for these top marketing websites!

PS: If you’re interested to write a blog post on my website, send me a message!

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