Buffer Review: Best Social Media Scheduling Tool for Teams?

Buffer Review: This post is a review of Buffer – a popular social media scheduling tool. NOT sponsored by Buffer. I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with this business. All opinions are my own.

Buffer review
Pros and cons of using Buffer for social media scheduling
Buffer Review: Pros & Cons of Using Buffer

So you want to know what the best affordable social media scheduling tool is? Whether you’re a social media marketer working in an agency, or a blogger wanting a tool to schedule Instagram posts – you’ve heard about Buffer. In this post, I am breaking down all the main features of this tool from publishing to analytics and finally will answer your question: “Is Buffer worth it?”.

The results might surprise you! 😉

Buffer features
Buffer features: Publishing, Analytics, Engagement and Landing Page

Let’s talk about the ranking factors I normally use to determine whether a social media scheduling tool is worth it.

What to look at when choosing a Social Media Publishing Tool

So my final thoughts will be based on these 5 ranking factors:

  1. Pricing – Is the price fair for the value you’re getting? Any hidden charges?
  2. Publishing Features – Does it have an interactive Content Calendar to help you plan a month of content across all social media networks?
  3. Analytics Reporting – How advanced are the social media insights, and can you customize, create and export PDF analytics reports?
  4. Team Collaboration – Are there team collaboration tools? Do they actually make team collaboration and workflow more effective?
  5. User Experience – Is the dashboard organized, and easy to use so that even a complete beginner can start using it and not get frustrated?

Yes, my expectations are very high. I know. But I’ve worked in marketing for a solid 4 years, and I have tested a LOT of social media publishing tools. So the main question I want to answer with this review is: Is Buffer a great publishing tool that’s easy to use and also affordable?

With that in mind, let’s start our journey to find the best affordable content scheduling tool!

Buffer Review

1. Buffer pricing

  • Buffer has 4 pricing options ranging from FREE to $120/mo.
  • In this post, I’m reviewing their “Team Plan” which starts at $12 per month per channel (so if you connect 1 Instagram page and 1 Facebook page they charge you for 2 channels: $24/mo.). This is the plan that has complete publishing tools, and complete analytics plan, and also an option for team collaboration.
  • 14-Day free trials available for their paid plans.

Buffer pricing 2022
Buffer pricing 2022

2. Buffer Team Plan publishing features review

As you would expect, Buffer offers a complete range of publishing tools. I think they’re well designed with simplicity in mind. There’s something calming when you see a content calendar that’s minimalist and straightforward. I’ve used Buffer to schedule posts on and off for the last 3 years and what brings me back to this tool is the minimalist dashboard design that makes navigation from Publishing to Analytics and Calendar feel so intuitive.

The good stuff about Buffer Team Plan:

  • has a Calendar View with monthly, weekly and daily views
  • publishes to multiple social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, Facebook groups, Shopify, GoogleMyBusiness and Pinterest
  • schedule a post by clicking the “+” icon anywhere on the calendar
  • drag and drop a post across the calendar to change the posting date
  • auto-publishing for images, carousel and reels videos
Buffer content calendar view
Buffer content calendar has a very neat and minimalist look
Buffer post creation window
Create an Instagram post with Buffer

The not-so-good stuff:

  • no option to preview the Instagram grid
  • can’t choose the cover photo for videos
  • confusing pop-up when you try to delete a post
  • some people may find it underwhelming and too simple (not me!)
  • more expensive than competitors. It costs you an extra $12 for each social channel – and if you manage Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram for 1 client you’ll pay $12×4 = $48/mo

3. Buffer Team Plan analytics features overview

One of the main things my followers ask me on Instagram is: “What do you think of Buffer analytics features?”. The short answer: They’re great. I used Buffer analytics to create custom PDF reports for a lot of my social media management clients and I still think they’re one of the most complete and competitive. If you compare it with SproutSocial – which costs upwards of $100 per month, I think 🤔 Buffer analytics are better priced and there’s definitely more value for money.

Here are some of my favorite analytics features on Buffer Team Plan:

  • Complete analytics data for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Shopify
  • Create custom analytics reports (add logos, summary, charts)
  • Download PDF analytics reports
  • Create Ad Campaigns and track them in Buffer

Buffer analytics review
Create a custom Instagram Report and Download it as PDF

Buffer analytics review: The downside?

I recently noticed they added “reels publishing” on the app, but at the time of writing this post, they don’t show insights for Reels. Instead, metrics like “reach” show “0” – which is not true.

Buffer review
Buffer analytics review
Reels analytics don’t show accurate results on Buffer

4. Does Buffer offer team collaboration features?

Yes. If you sign-up for the “Team Plan” you can invite your team members and work together from the same dashboard.

5. What is the user experience on Buffer?

I love using Buffer. I think the usability is great, and that’s one of their strongest points: they make it feel that planning a month of social media content is easy! But if you’re looking for a tool to preview your Instagram grids – then, it’s not the right one for you!

Final thoughts and my review of Buffer Team Plan: Do I recommend it?

Yes, absolutely.

I think they have developed a scheduling platform that is very thoughtful, focused on user experience and simplicity of use. And the analytics reports are just a dream for anyone working in social media.

Is it a little too expensive?

This is the only part where I have a problem with. I think their pricing is quite high – especially if you compare it to Pallyy which comes with more features, and at a fraction of the cost. I really hope the Buffer team reviews their pricing because many new social media managers would be able to benefit from Buffer analytics and scheduling tools.

Buffer Review Score: 8/10

Buffer review 2022

I hope this review has helped you decide on whether Buffer scheduling tools are the best fit for you – especially if starting a marketing agency.

Would you like to see a comparison between Buffer, Pallyy and Later?

Comment and let me know your thoughts.

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