5 Signs It’s Time for a New Social Media Marketing Strategy!

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Know when it’s time to plan a New Social Media Strategy.

If these 5 issues sound familiar – it’s time for a Social Media Marketing Strategy revamp! Let me show you the main signs your account is struggling to let you know that there’s trouble and you need to take immediate action.

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Here are 5 Signs It’s Time for a NEW Marketing strategy:

#1: Your ideal audience has changed.

How can your ideal audience change? Let me give you an example.

When I first started marketing on Instagram, I defined my audience as: – “female entrepreneurs, 20-30 years old, looking to start a business”. But after a few years of running a marketing agency, my ideal customer profile has … evolved. I no longer want to attract only female business owners, but “established entrepreneurs who want to invest in growing their business”.

Why does your audience change?

It’s natural that your audience will change over time, as you grow a business. But how do you know when it’s time to update your strategy?

  • Your social media engagement is dropping
  • Your account attracts followers who aren’t ideal
  • You’re no longer attracting the same group of people

How to fix this?

#2: Your business model has evolved.

Just like buyers can change, your products and business model can change too. And with new products, your strategy needs to keep up.

Here are a few business changes that require a shift in your marketing strategy:

  • Starting an e-commerce shop
  • Changing from B2B to B2C model
  • Launching new products
  • Working with influencers

#3: Your competitors are growing at a faster rate – but you’re not!

  • most engaging content
  • best and worst hashtags
  • posting frequency
  • and more stats!

When you know every move your competitors make on social media you can plan your content strategy more effectively and beat them!

#4: Your marketing strategy is 2-3 years old

Many things can change in 2 years – especially at the rate social media marketing technology is advancing. In just the last 2 years Facebook became a dead platform and TikTok rose to become the #1 platform for Gen Z.

So if your current strategy is not giving you the results you’re expecting, be sure to update it to match the latest audience trends and content types (Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts – just to name a few).

#5: Your content isn’t driving conversions anymore.

So you used to rely only on social media to sell your products? But now it’s no longer working? Social media has been changing over the last few years. Most platforms want to keep their users engaged longer and on the native platform rather than directing them to 3rd party links.

What can you do to boost conversions?

  1. Start an Instagram e-commerce shop and run ads both on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Drive traffic to your website with blog content
  3. Run B2B lead generation campaigns with LinkedIn

Think long-term: Most marketers want to see conversion results immediately. Social media marketing is a long-term game. When you engage and nurture your followers for >6 months, you build loyalty and community.

When was the last time you updated your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

If any of these issues resonate with you, it’s time for a change!