Stop Dancing on Instagram Reels and make Valuable Content!

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Dear marketers, don’t let the Instagram algorithm dictate how you run your business!

Let’s talk about Instagram Reels again. If you’re not aware, Instagram Reels are the short-form videos that were introduced first on TikTok – now available to Instagram users.

So what’s the problem with Instagram Reels?

Uhh.. where do I even start? I’ve seen so many brands post only trending Reels on Instagram because “this person or that person” said I must do so in order to get views. And they’re not wrong 😑 Instagram CEO is constantly advocating for people to share more videos and Reels and this even started annoying celebrities, including Kylie Jenner and James Charles.

But if you’re just using a “copy+paste strategy” based only on Reels videos – you’ll soon realize you are spending too much time editing videos and getting no relevant and measurable results!

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“— but Instagram Reels get a lot of views! “

I understand why this statement can be used to justify why more creators post Reels – because they can easily get excited seeing more views in their stats.

But let me ask you this:

  • Are you sure those views even mean anything for your business?
  • Do you know who is watching your Reels?
  • Where are the people located?
  • What is their interest?
  • And what if they are bots or fake accounts?

Now, as a marketer myself, I have been struggling with the same dilemma:

Do I join the crowd to make more Reels and get ecstatic when I see the number of views go up … or do I take a step back and think of my actual goal for being on Instagram?

Do a Quick Instagram Audit

Here are a few questions to help you understand your current Instagram strategy and whether it’s effective:

  1. Why am I using Instagram? (is it just to entertain random people or do you have a plan or marketing funnel to help you attract targeted people and push them down a SALES funnel?)
  2. Who is my target audience? (anyone on the internet is not a good audience. Try to think of specific demographics, interests, values, etc)
  3. What types of content do they want to see from me? (you’ll be surprised – your customers need more than to be entertained 24/7. They crave human interaction, they have questions about your products, they may have issues that need help with or they may want to learn more about your business)
  4. What metrics can I use to measure performance? (No. of views are not a good metric, neither should they be your only stat to track. What about DM enquiries, Conversions or Leads?)

Tip: You can even go a step deeper, by doing an Instagram audit (Free checklist)

Know when it’s time to stop posting Instagram Reels

Remember, you should not be using Instagram just because someone tells you you have to. This comes from someone who built their consulting business from the ground up on Instagram – but in 2019 there were different times. And regardless of the many algorithm changes, I’ve always been someone to focus on my audience. Providing them with value, tips, resources and tutorials – regardless of whether on Instagram, YouTube or my personal blog – I’ve tried to make sure I am valuing my subscribers’ time.

In conclusion,

Dear marketer and content creator, please stop dancing on Instagram Reels and start posting something valuable for your audience.

No matter how small your following is, Reels are not going to last (trust me) they’re just a trend. And if you’re worried you won’t get the same results with other content – then switch your focus from Instagram to YouTube or start a business blog!

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