How To Grow An Audience Fast, Without Burning Out

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Everything I’ve learned trying to grow an audience online in the last 4 years is summarised in this post. SCROLL DOWN FOR HOW TO GROW AN AUDIENCE FAST TIPS ✨

woman with hands on her face in front of a laptop
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Growing an Audience is not easy

Growing an audience for any social media account requires a great deal of effort. Even more so if you can’t spend large sums of money on paid Facebook ads or hire a community manager to help you reach out to people individually – The chances are you’ll quickly burn out! 

From my experience working with SaaS and e-commerce brands, most business owners give up on social media because they can’t see results immediately. But getting incredible results in just 3 months (without ad budget) is not very likely.

So what happens instead is this: Brands will start creating more and more content. And they’ll end up burning out or running out of ideas. Because nobody can’t keep up with posting 2-3 times per day, consistently.

If you’re feeling down and not seeing results from your social media, I hope my tips below help you get the motivation you need!

Let’s get started!

How to Grow an Audience Fast, Without Burning Out!

Tip #1: When Growing an Audience, Don’t Wait for People to Find You!

Nobody will randomly find your social media page and follow you instantly. To hope otherwise is simply foolish, naive thinking. A marketing plan will help you answer a few important questions like:

  • Who are the people that you want to follow your page?
  • How will you pull in these people? (tip: solve their problems)
  • Which marketing channel will you use? (B2B or B2C?)
  • What’s in for them? (Free trials, gifts, tips, discounts help, relevant information)
  • How will you retain your followers?

For example, I write SEO blog posts (Top funnel) and share them on Instagram & to my email list (Mid funnel) which attracts prospects and directs them to my email list, and further down the Sales Funnel (sales & promo, pricing, offers, case study, reviews).

Tip #2: To Grow an Audience Fast Follow results, not the Crowd.

If you want to grow an audience fast, test all social media marketing platforms for at least 3 – 6 months. Then, do a social media audit and stick to the channel that gives you the best results – not the one that’s trending.

For instance, I stopped wasting time on TikTok and Reels – instead my attention is on blog content, and growing my YouTube channel and email list.

Tip #3: To save time, batch schedule your content.

Having your content planned & scheduled for at least 1 week in advance helps me save so much time! Even if you’re not a social media agency, you would still benefit from batch-scheduling your social media content.

⚡️I use Pallyy-Social Media Management Tool because it’s an all-in-one marketing tool and helps me schedule, analyze and post content on all social platforms. You can use your time more efficiently to answer questions, reply to comments and start conversations with your prospects.

How to Grow an Audience Fast with Pallyy Social Media Tool

Tip #4: Reuse & repurpose content on multiple platforms.

With so much content to post and so little time, creativity can be drained! So I’m all about repurposing.

Example: How I repurpose a blog post into many content pieces

  • Write an SEO-optimized blog post (Check out my FREE template)
  • Turn the blog post into a YouTube video (or Podcast)
  • Extract quotes from the blog post and share them on Twitter
  • Create clips and graphic quotes from the YouTube video using Canva
  • Post video clips on Instagram as Reels
  • Post graphics from blog posts on Pinterest
  • Share blog links on Email and LinkedIn
  • Batch schedule all posts using Pallyy

Example: I repurposed this blog post into an Instagram carousel post.

How to grow an audience fast


A friendly reminder: When you’re trying to grow an audience online, you need not only to be seen by as many people as possible but also to engage with those people. Engagement over time is what turns strangers into leads and leads into paying customers.

Thank you for reading this post!

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How to grow an Audience Fast on Social Media
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