3 Tips for Managing a Social Media Content Calendar like a PRO!

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Everything you need to know about managing your Social Media Calendar.

How do you manage 10+ social media accounts without getting overwhelmed? While it’s still hard to plan, create, schedule and analyze performance for a single platform, you’ve got to be even more well-organized when you’re running a marketing agency. 

The obvious thing: you need to set up your content calendars properly so you can summarize everything in a single dashboard. Luckily for you, you’ve got plenty of social media tools to choose from. From scheduling tools to analytics, and visual calendars – you can use tools to save time.

When I started freelance marketing I used a printed calendar template for each client. That was manageable until I started having 4 and more clients.

⚡️Now, I use Pallyy’s Calendar that’s built with advanced Social Media Management Tools to help me visualize my entire social media client setup. 

Ready to learn how to plan a month of content for social media?

In this post, I’ll show you how you can create a content plan using Pallyy’s Calendar Dashboard. Follow along to get my “insider” tips for managing your Social Media Content more effectively!

What is Pallyy?

How to Manage Clients Social Media Content with Pallyy Social Media Tool

Pallyy is a social media scheduling tool built with powerful planning and analytics features for social media marketers and agencies. It’s perfect for those looking for an affordable tool to manage multiple clients’ social media accounts from a single dashboard.

Pallyy’s pricing: FREE for 15 posts/month and has a FREE 14-Day Trial for the Pro Plan (which is priced at $15/mo for a social set). A social set includes:

  • 1x Facebook
  • 1x Instagram
  • 1x Twitter
  • 1x Pinterest
  • 1x LinkedIn
  • 1x GoogleMyBusiness
  • and 1x TikTok

3 Tips for Managing your Social Media Content Calendar with Pallyy Social 

Before you start creating a Content Calendar think of your Content Strategy:

  • Who is the target audience you’re trying to reach?
  • What is the main goal of your content marketing?
  • What topics will you post about? (eg: educational tips, motivational quotes, promotions, brand storytelling, blog posts, etc)

It’s good to do a bit of research into your audience, and competitors and analyze your past social media performance by doing an audit. 

#1: Create a Clear Content Plan in Pallyy

Your content plan needs to be detailed and informative, so when you share it with your team or client everyone understands what’s the schedule. I like writing notes on the calendar with post ideas and moving them around until I am happy with the distribution.  

Pallyy – Social Media Content Calendar
  • Create post templates (location, posting time, caption format, hashtag lists)
  • Use a mix of content formats (video, images, album, GIFs)
  • Write notes on the calendar (ideas for posts, or instructions to your team)
  • Import Holidays into your Content Calendar
  • Indicate which dates you’re running promo campaigns
  • Create labels for your posts for easy analytics tracking (eg: you can use your content pillars as labels)
  • Share your Calendar with your Clients for their feedback

Tip #2: Save time with Bulk Post Scheduling 

The main challenge of a social media manager is to optimize time spent on creating posts. So, I’m obviously a huge advocate for working in batches and scheduling at least 1-2 weeks of content at a time. 

Pallyy Instagram Grid View

My favourite scheduling feature in Pallyy:

  • Drag & drop posts onto the Calendar for easy scheduling
  • Copy post settings (caption, image) to schedule on multiple platforms
  • Grid Preview for Instagram posts
  • Best times to post

Content creation tools I use for social media:

  1. Canva – for creating graphics, quotes, and carousel posts
  2. Remix (by Buffer) – for turning Twitter posts into Graphic quotes
  3. Reels – for editing Instagram Reels
  4. iMovie – for editing YouTube videos

Tip: Before scheduling your posts, make sure you check your “Best times to post” in Pallyy! 

Tip #3: Get Faster Approval from Clients with a Shareable Calendar

Pallyy’s shareable Calendar links help you cut the back & forth email conversations, so you can get your content approved faster. Also, it’s much more convenient to have your team work together in one dashboard, so they all know the progress in real-time.

Share Content Calendar with Clients and ask for Comment/Approve

My favourite Team collaboration features:

  • Write instructions on the Calendar using the Notes feature
  • Comment on Draft posts and share feedback
  • Assign tasks (Review/Approve) to your team

Conclusion – Managing a Social Media Content Calendar

Managing multiple social media calendars takes a lot of time, and if you want to be successful and don’t burn out, you need a good tool. Pallyy is that tool for me – I use it to plan, schedule, analyze and manage all client’s content. Hope you’ve found this post and my 3 Tips for Managing your Social Media Content Calendar with Pallyy useful.

If you’d like to try this tool, you can get a 14-DAY FREE trial from the link below.

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