How AI Paraphrasing Tools Help Copywriters Write Better

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Want to write better copy, faster and easier? Learn how AI paraphrasing tools can help copywriters save time!

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Content creation is one of the most important parts of building a digital marketing strategy that connects with potential customers. People will not find your business online if you don’t create amazing content. The most successful digital marketing campaigns, such as search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing, are driven by content. 

But visuals cannot always tell a compelling story… you need powerful, emotional and clear words!

That’s why most content marketers need to learn copywriting skills. Copywriting is the process of writing convincing messaging that encourages people to take immediate action that will help your business sell more products. For example, if you are trying to sell a product, you will need to persuade people that it is the best item for their needs.

Here are some examples of copywriting:

  • Product pages
  • Facebook & Google ads
  • Sales & landing pages
  • Website sales copy
  • Social media ads

The main purpose of copywriting is to turn your potential readers into clients. However, the ultimate goal is to sell your idea as a solution. 

If you’re a new copywriter, you may struggle to find the right words that express ideas and brand messaging in multiple different ways. Naturally, you’ll be looking for online paraphrasing tools to represent the same ideas in different ways. Not only can online paraphrasers help you enhance your text readability, but they also improve word selection and clarity.

In this article, you will learn to use paraphrasing tools to save time and improve your copywriting.

What Is An Online Paraphrasing Tool?

  • A paraphrasing tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that gives a helping hand to copywriters.
  • It creates different versions of the text within a few seconds. The online paraphraser does not change the meaning of the text. Instead, it keeps the original meaning unchanged.
  • It alters sentence structure and replaces words with synonyms. In this way, the rewritten content is unique and engaging. 
  • You just need to copy-paste the text into the input box of a rephrasing tool and press the “Paraphrase” button. 
  • The tool will rewrite your content instantly. 

Examples of AI Paraphrasing & Writing Tools

Many AI tools can help you write, rephrase or auto-generate written content that is easy to read and understand, including:

Grammarly – helps you correct grammar and punctuation mistakes

Hemmingway Editor – helps you shorten long sentences – rewrites your text making it easy to read

Pallyy Captions AI Generator – auto-generates Instagram captions based on a keyword

Importance Of AI Paraphrasing Tools for Copywriters

These days, people are mostly dependent on technology. When it comes to copywriters, we also like to use smart tools that help us get our jobs done faster and easier. The latest generation of AI paraphrasing tools have made text paraphrasing and writing ads copy simpler, faster and easier. 

As a copywriter, you only need to input a keyword or simply copy and paste the text into the tool. The rephrasing tool will then rewrite or rephrase the text for you in just a few seconds. You can then save time and rest assured that the text is free of any grammar or spelling mistakes and the original meaning remains the same.

How Do AI Paraphrasing & Writing Tools Help Copywriters?

Copywriters can improve their writing with the help of a reliable paraphrasing tool. It helps them meet their deadlines and reduces the amount of work they have to do.

An online paraphraser helps copywriters in the following ways:

  • Helps you write better copy
  • Helps you save time on proofreading
  • Get ideas for substitute words
  • Correct your grammar 
  • Enhances text readability score

#1: Avoid sounding repetitive

When you have to write multiple copies, you probably use the same words, expressions, and phrases repeatedly. This can lead to bland writing that sounds monotonous and boring. In this case, using a tool to help you rewrite something is very helpful and effective. Moreover, when you use an AI-writing tool repeatedly you will also learn different writing styles.

Here is a quick tip for you: You can also use an online notepad for advanced formatting.

#2: Compel readers to take a course of action

As a copywriter, you should pique your readers’ interest by striking the right tone. Your tone should resonate with your target audience. Fortunately, paraphrasing tools help you create different versions of the same text. In this way, you can choose the version that best fits your readers’ understanding level.  

#3: Simplify complex language

Unfortunately, readers struggle to understand complex language. As a result, they will not read your text and will look for simpler text that is easy to read and scan. You can solve this by using a rephrasing tool to rewrite parts of your text to make it easier to read. 

#4: Write unique content with AI

Copywriters need to write unique content. If your readers do not find unique content, they usually do not pay attention to it and move on. In this case, the paraphrasing tool can help you make your copy unique and fresh. As stated earlier, it creates numerous versions of the text. It changes the sentence structure and uses powerful synonyms to replace words. As a result, it removes duplication and maintains uniqueness in the text.

The Bottom Line

Copywriting is a great skill to have for marketers and business owners. Selling a product online requires writing copy that is interesting and appealing to different buyers. Using AI paraphrasing and writing tools can help copywriters improve and write better copy. These tools can help in several ways, such as by suggesting better words, making the text easier to read, changing the text’s tone, and making it unique. 

Disclaimer: This is guest post submitted by guest writer Donald Shaw and was Edited for compliance by Alle Ceambur. All opinions and views shared in this post belong to the respective authors.

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