3 Tools For Content Marketers That Are Worth Paying For in 2023

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Looking for quality tools for content marketers that are worth the investment? For many years I didn’t believe in investing a single penny on online tools. But as my business started scaling it was inevitable that I needed to improve my productivity.

Check out my top three picks for marketing tools that are worth the investment!

Why Should You Pay For Content Marketing Tools

With so many marketing tools available, it can be hard to decide which ones are worth paying for. From email automation to analytics tracking software, there’s certainly no shortage of options for businesses looking to make the most of their efforts. Do you need to pay for extra features? Sometimes you can make do with free software tools, but if you’re looking to automate your process you may want to check out some paid options. I’ve rounded up three of my favorite paid-for marketing tools to help you level up content and save time.

Top 3 Paid-for Marketing Tools I Use Daily As A Content Creator

Canva Pro – for graphic design

Canva Pro is a one-stop shop for digital content creation that has been quickly gaining traction as an essential marketing tool for every business. The free version of Canva offers basic editing capabilities and access to a library of pre-designed post templates and royalty-free images, but it’s the Pro offering that unlocks the full suite of features. With the $12.95 paid-for plan, you get more stock images, pro layouts, premium fonts and graphics, unlimited storage space, and brand elements to help you create high quality visuals with ease.

Canva Pro features I think are worth paying for:

  1. Thousands of templates for social media posts
  2. Library of royalty free images, sounds and videos
  3. Export highest quality and resolution images & videos
  4. Unlimited storage space – don’t worry about running out of space for graphics
  5. Brand kits – this pro feature allows you to save custom fonts and colour palettes for each brand you’re managing

But no tool is 100% perfect. If you’re using a tool daily like I do, you’ll eventually come across some issues and flaws.

Cons of Canva pro:

  • Canva was down three times in 2022 and I wasn’t able to download my designs for several days in a row. This obviously made me frustrated and I started looking for alternatives.
  • It doesn’t have advanced photo editing features so you cannot manipulate images and zoom into the individual pixels.
  • The music library is very basic and there aren’t enough filters to help you choose a song for YouTube videos.

Overall rating: 9/10

Pallyy – Social media management toolkit

Pallyy is a complete social media management dashboard for marketers and agencies. You can plan monthly content, research trends, track analytics and communicate with your marketing team very efficiently directly from Pallyy. Priced at $15/mo their monthly plan is one of the most affordable social media tools for managing multiple clients.

Pallyy Pro features that are worth paying for:

  1. Manage multiple clients
  2. Schedule posts to 7 social media platforms
  3. Create teams and assign tasks to members
  4. Visual calendar dashboard
  5. Track advanced analytics for IG, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn
  6. Monitor competitors growth
  7. Share calendar with clients
  8. Download and share PDF reports
  9. Instagram bio link creator
  10. AI Caption generator

Currently, there’s no ability to track Reels and TikTok insights with Pallyy, nor schedule YouTube shorts and videos. Hopefully, the team at Pallyy will be able to add these in the future.

Overall rating: 10/10

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Ubersuggest – Keyword research & SEO tool

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is an all-in-one SEO and keyword research tool which helps marketers find the best topics, keywords and titles to write about. You can also use Ubersuggest to track you blog’s audience growth and keyword ranking over time. With the paid version you can track up to 3 websites and get customised suggestions for improving SEO ranking.

Ubersuggest features that are worth paying for:

  1. Keyword research – find the best keywords to write about
  2. AI writer – helps you draft an outline based on a keyword
  3. Headline generator – generates title ideas based on a keyword
  4. SEO audit tool – tracks your website’s traffic, keywords and audience growth over time
  5. Custom SEO checklist for optimising your website

Ubersuggest cons:

  • The AI writer & paragraph rewriter tools are not 100% error proof

As a content writer, Ubersuggest helps me get ideas and study the existing content on the web that’s already performing well. However, their AI writer features are not fully develop yet. From my experience, you cannot 100% rely on it and you should always double check and proofread the outline generated to make sure it’s relevant to the topic you’re writing about.

Overall rating: 8/10

Conclusion – Paid Tools for Content Marketers

Have you tried any of these content marketing tools? Which other content marketing tools do you feel are worth investing in?

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