Instagram wants to make images popular again – is it too late?

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Instagram is putting a pause on its “let’s fully transform ourselves into TikTok” mission. After admitting to showing too many Reels to people in 2022, their latest (2023) algorithm changes promised to make images popular again. How? By giving an equal opportunity for static images to compete with reels on the explore page. That would confirm what we all thought – that all these years reels HAD a preferential boost in the algorithm.

Instagram wants to make images popular again

  • This latest annoucement just raises more questions:
  • But is it even possible for Instagram to scale down on reels?
  • Does this mean that they’re finally listening to smaller creators and helping them get the reach they deserve?
  • Are pictures going to make a major comeback in 2023 on Instagram?

Might be too soon to answer – but I’ll report back on my findings after a few months of tracking my Instagram insights!

Meanwhile, I’d like to know what you think!

  • Have you noticed an increase in reach for image posts?
  • Have your reels stopped going viral?
  • Are you starting to see fewer reels on your feed?

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