Author: Alle Ceambur

  • Why is Ethical Leadership Important?

    Why is Ethical Leadership Important?

    Increasing Public Awareness of Ethics Since the 2008 financial crisis, the public awareness and concern with ethical behaviour of organisations has been increasing. With consumers and potential clients more aware of business ethics than ever before, it is important that companies regard ethics as a top priority  and develop a framework and workplace culture that […]

  • How I found My Vision of Leadership & Leadership Style

    How I found My Vision of Leadership & Leadership Style

    My vision of leadership, how I found my leadership style and what are the qualities for today’s successful leaders.

  • Leadership and Change

    Leadership and Change

    Change is a natural part of the business life cycle and managers play a very important role in leading change effectively. While some leaders fully embrace new challenges and treat it as an opportunity for learning, growth and innovation, others tend to resist changes and prefer having a sense of security and consistence instead (Mullins […]

  • Most Effective Leadership and Management Styles

    Most Effective Leadership and Management Styles

    Leadership and management are actually different concepts and disciplines, nevertheless, there is an overlapping  in the skills they both require (Dusya and Crossan 2016). Prof. Kanosuke Matsushinta from Harvard University (2013) explained the differences in the two concepts as following: Management is more concerned with the processes of running a day-to-day business such as planning, […]

  • The Challenge of Managing a Diverse Team

    The Challenge of Managing a Diverse Team

    Diversity among workforce is natural in an organization. Individual differences can foster creativity, happiness and fulfilment at work but they may also be the cause for clashes and disagreements. Managing workforce differences has become a key skill for managers who need to match the skills of an individual with the requirements of the organization (Mullins 2010).

  • Leadership and Ethics

    Leadership and Ethics

    Many academicians describe leadership as revolving around vision, ideas and has more to do with inspiring people as to direction and goals than with day-to-day implementation (Bennis 2007:132).  In order to define ethical leadership one must examine the root concepts of the two main schools of ethics: deontological ethics and consequentialist ethics.  Deontological ethics places special emphasis on […]