10 Instagram Marketing Strategies To Make You 6 Figures

Want to monetize your Instagram? Here’s 10 different strategies to help you make more money on Instagram. What are you waiting for? I wrote this article as a guest author feature on NealSchaffer.com: Link: 10 Instagram Marketing Strategies To Make You 6 Figures I hope you like it! Here’s a little preview if you’re lookingContinue reading “10 Instagram Marketing Strategies To Make You 6 Figures”

Top 6 Analytics Tools To Track Instagram Performance

Would you like me to take a look at your Instagram account and advise you on growth strategies? You can book anInstagram Audit service by sending me an email at axc99@yahoo.com

Bring More Traffic To Your Website With a Blog

Your Blog is a Powerful Marketing Tool Ever wondered why so many businesses choose to have a blog? While it takes a lot of work building a successful blog, it’s still a great tactic to get visitors to your website. A common misconceotion is that “Blogging is not only for travel lovers”. Yes, you canContinue reading “Bring More Traffic To Your Website With a Blog”

Living “Healthy Like A Boss” with Megan Corey

This month’s featured entrepreneur is Megan Corey – a certified health and wellness coach who is determined to teach busy entrepreneurs the to achieve that perfect balance between living healthy and being a #boss!

How To Start A Remote Online Freelance Writing Business in 2020? [ 7 Step Guide]

Are you thinking of starting a remote freelance writing business? Have a laptop? Then you can start your freelance writing business right away

5 Ways to Overcome Instagram’s Massive drop in Stories and Post Reach

Have you noticed your Instagram post and Stories reach dropped this October 2019? Well, if it has, don’t panic! You are most likely NOT shadow banned and you’ll emerge just fine. Here are some stats based on my own observations and based on my audience feedback: some people said their IG stories viewes decreased byContinue reading “5 Ways to Overcome Instagram’s Massive drop in Stories and Post Reach”

Can you grow a business on TikTok? Q&A with TikTok Expert

Do you struggle to figure out what TikTok? You’ll be interested to know what a TikTok expert & business coach has to say (below) I’m sure you’ve heard and seen by now that TikTok is the latest craze among teenagers. Not to mention, that according to research TikTok has outperformed EVERY other Social Media platformContinue reading “Can you grow a business on TikTok? Q&A with TikTok Expert”

Copywriting for Social Media (Download Free Guide)

How to write articles that people want to read? The truth is, copywriting can be very scary even for the most seasoned writers. Not because copywriting is technically difficult, but because people worry to much of how their article is going to be received by their audience after it goes live. Do I sound tooContinue reading “Copywriting for Social Media (Download Free Guide)”

5 Branding Strategies for Long-Term Success

What is Branding? So you’ve probably learned by now that “BRANDING” is the single most important thing in business – as Gary Vaynerchuk said it multiple times. But do you often find yourself thinking “So what, exactly, is branding as opposed to marketing”? and “Aren’t they the same thing?”. I know you are smart, andContinue reading “5 Branding Strategies for Long-Term Success”