Ayrshare – Boosting Traffic with SEO (Keywords + Articles)

The Client

Ayrshare is an online platform for web developers where they can source social media APIs to build their own social media scheduling tool. Geoffrey and Boris, the founders of Ayrshare, reached out to Alle to collaborate on a couple of blog articles on social media marketing topics to help them grow their web traffic and improve Google ranking.

The Solution

The main challenge for Ayrshare was the niche industry and target audience: developers looking to start a social media scheduling platform. The solution was to find high volume, and low competition keywords to provide quick traffic and rankings.

Some of the articles:


With focus on choosing the right keywords and topics, we 3X-ed the monthly website visits from 2k/mo. to over 6k/mo. in 6 months.

  • Traffic: 3x website traffic (from 2k visits to 6k visits in 6 months)
  • Organic Keywords: 9,000+
  • Backlinks: 4,500+

Data: from Jan 2022 – Jul 2022, Ubersuggest

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