Blog Writing Workshop 2021

– by Alle Ceambur

Learn To Write Effective Business Blogs From Scratch


Want to start a freelance writing career? All you need is a laptop with internet and a bulletproof blog writing technique (which I can teach you!) This workshop is perfect for beginners who are looking to kickstart their freekancing career in copywriting and get paid for writing business blogs from anywhere.

Writing is the easiest job you can start right now! Plus you’ll get paid to work from home – on your own schedule.

Alle Ceambur (MBA), Content Marketer

Hi, I’m Alle. I am a content marketer who helps businesses attract, nurture and convert their online audiences into paying clients through strategic blog writing. In this workshop, I will share all the potential that I’ve found in writing business blogs, showing you the exact process I use in coming up with topics to write about, as well as give you a format (template) to follow + PRO tips from a blog writer with over 3 years experience.

Who is it for?

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to write effective business blogs, from a total beginner who wants to start a career in freelance blog writing to a business owner who wants to get a boost of organic traffic to their website.


[ 2hrs+ of learning materials, Additional resources | Free templates ]

Part 1: Introduction

  • Introduction
  • What we will do on the Workshop

Part 2: Business Blogs, what about them?

  • Why Business Blogs?
  • Types of Business Blogs
  • Blogs Do’s & Don’ts

Part 3: Choosing a Topic, Title & Structure

  • Choosing a Blog Topic
  • Writing Blog Titles
  • Blog Structure
  • Citing Your Sources

Part 4: Let’s Write Our Blog Post

  • Writing Software
  • Draft Outline 1
  • Draft Outline 2
  • Grammar Check
  • SEO Check
  • Images & Links

Part 5: Let’s Publish Our Blog Post

  • Formatting Tips for Publishing
  • WordPress Publishing Checklist

Part 6: Final Project: Write Your First Blog

  • Write A 600 Word Blog Post & Publish It
  • Blog Critique by Alle Ceambur (1:1 feedback via email)

What you need?

A laptop with a writing software (I will be using Google Docs) – but you can use any software you already have.

When is The Workshop?


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