Social Media Management for SaaS brands

Grow your business

with strategic content!

As a SaaS brand, you:

  • know who your ideas platform users or buyers are, you just need to attract them with valuable content and information for their needs
  • have spent hours, days, and months developing your idea into a solution that will transform people’s lives, making them happy!
  • your mission is to attract more people to your social media pages, build relationships with your followers and turn them into long-term loyal customers
  • want to grow a community and give them the best tools to succeed in the digital world

Let me help you grow your business visibility

What you’ll get from my Content Management service:

  • More traffic from social media to your website
  • Social media community growth
  • Expand your brand awareness to new audiences
  • Greater visibility for your product and service offers
  • Increased user sign-ups from social media

Pricing plans

Social Media Lite

*this is for you if you want to grow your visibility with content done for you

Initial Strategy Call (1-hour)

Content creation: 3 Posts/week

Posting to: Instagram, FB, LinkedIn & Twitter

Graphics, Video editing & Captions Writing

Monthly Performance Tracking

Email support

Investment: $600/mo.

Social Media Pro

*this is for you if you want to be hands-off your social media marketing

Initial Strategy Call (1-hour)

Content creation: 5 Posts/week

Posting to: Instagram, FB, LinkedIn & Twitter 

Graphics, Video editing & Captions Writing

Monthly Performance Tracking

1-hour Weekly Engagement

Investment: $1,200/mo.

My Planning Process

Step 1: 1-hour Initial Strategy Call (via Zoom)
This is where I get to know more about you and the goals for your business
Step 2: Content Strategy Planning
I will conduct market research and build a custom strategy for your social media, including:
1. Goals, 2. Target audience, 3. Content Pillars, 4. Monthly Content Calendar
Step 3: Content Creation
I’ll design content & write captions based on the approved Content Calendar
(choose a plan below)
Step 4: Scheduling & Analytics
Scheduling all content for auto-posting using Pallyy
Analytics reports every month and quarterly

Check out these success stories

“Alle did an awesome job with our social content. She’s very creative, professional and able to work independently.”

Stanley, NSC

Ready to grow your visibility online and attract more ideal clients?

Terms & Conditions

*3 months minimum commitment for Social Media Management plans. The Client may opt to renew for another 3 or 6 months, or not re-sign.

*Requires Pallyy Social Media Toolkit subscription ($15/mo.) for the entire duration of Social Media Management.

*All prices quoted are in USD.

Who is this for?

This service may be a good fit for you, if you:

  • are a SaaS brand, blogger, or online service provider (coach, advisor, consultant, course creator)
  • envision to grow your brand awareness, want to attract more users and increase sign-ups to your platform.
  • understand that social media marketing is a long-term game, and are ready to invest in content marketing.
Who is this not for?

This may not be a good fit for you if you:

  • expect to see overnight results from your social media content. Organic marketing takes time (usually up to 6 months) to show real, measurable results from your actions.
  • want to micromanage your content. Social media requires constant trial & testing, and adjusting ability to adjust to new trends fast. If you’re someone who like to nitpick on every post, you’re going to slow down the creativity and effectiveness of your marketing effort
What are the steps to get started?
  1. Fill up the Application Form
  2. Make payment for the first month invoice
  3. Sign-up for Pallyy (1$5/mo.) and connect your social media accounts
  4. Done! Now all you have to do is to keep me updated with your new launches and promos